Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Michelle Obama:Is She The New Fashion Icon?

The newly appointed First Lady may not need to be a fashion icon, as her main task would always be the greatest supporter for her 'President'.

Nevertheless, as the current hottest public figure, most people can't help but still comparing her with previous fashion icons i.e Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn or the most iconic fashion figure of White House; Jackie O.

I have brought 2 of my fashion icons in my previous entry of Fashion Icons which is obviously Jackie is still my favourite.

courtesy of The Wall Street Journal

No doubt, Michelle Obama has the body of most women would envy for; 5' 10'' tall, toned arms and a slender figure. It would be a disappointment if she wears anything that not up to her role as the First Lady of the United States.

However, there are some of her dresses that I like which I hope she would consider to wear the style more often especially those dresses with halter neck design, soft colours with strong designs and more..

Well, we can see somehow she's getting there!

This beautiful halter dress by Moschino enhanced Michelle Obama's solid figure with soft colours.

Michelle Obama complimented this azure halter dress with an up sweep style hair.

A simple yet classy style by H&M. I heard it's only USD34.90!

An elegant classic long dress by Isabel Toledo.

Michelle donned in this black and white casual wear

I really love this dress by Donna Ricco which I think the most stunning dress ever worn by Michelle Obama in public. Moreover, I also have quite a similar dress which I bought at H&M, UK in 2007...:):)

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