Friday, January 1, 2010

Latest Bag trends Pre-Fall 2010

Hand bags are forever in style, ultimate in luxury and the best arm candy that women can get under the sky. The bags are in vogue all through the year and can match any trend that's in fashion at that point of time....whether you want them to be just as fashion accessories or made to load things, ...these are some of the bags that have their own style statement during the Pre-Fall 2010...

Above left : Vionnet clear studded clutch
Above right : Versace Navajo print girl bag

Above left : VBH karung shiny batik swinger bag
Above right : Stella McCartney pleated faux leather clutch

Above left : Mulberry cheetah haircalf Bayswater bag
Above right : Miu Miu leather cat bag

Above left : Giambattista Valli leopard print clutch
Above right : Diane von Furstenberg woven leather Stephanie bag

Above left : Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily bag
Above right : Dolce & Gabbana Miss Helen bag

Above left : Chanel country handbag
Above right : Bruno Frisoni leopard bag


Accessories : 2010 Trends

New Year means new accessories! And it’s time when every woman wants to look the most fabulous.
When you’ve found the perfect dress and a matching pair of shoes, all you need to do is to add a few finishing touches, like accessories.
Accessories are important as they make your entire look different, more glamorous and sophisticated. Therefore you should be very careful when choosing the pieces to complement your image.
Here are some stylish accessories from the Pre-Fall 2010 ....

Above left : LV metal bracelets
Above right : Viktor & Rolf Zipper bracelets

Above left : Tom Binns Silver lace cuff
Above right : Tom Binns Blue Crystal necklace

Above left : Stella McCartney brass serpent necklace with resin pearl details
Above right : Proenza Scholer rope and chain link bracelet with rainbow finish

Above left : Philippe Ferrandis Swarovski crystal capri necklace
Above right : Hermes enamel bangles

Above left : Erickson Beamon Paradise Lost necklace
Above right : Eddie Borgo Quartz Cone bracelet

Above left : Delfina Delettrez gold,sapphire and diamond Sabbah ring
Above right : Delfina Delettrez gold rubies and cognac diamond Anthropomorphous earings

Above left : Delfina Delettrez Gold diamond and black diamond Stonehand bracelet
Above right : Delfina Delettrez gold and black diamond secret hands rings

Above left : Aurelie Bidermann silver Trefle necklace
Above right : Alexander McQueen brass sea urchin cuff