Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Veiled Splendor of Goth and Zhivago Fashion Styles

Glam-goth-goddess, romance, sophistication and casual elegance are returning to the forefront of mainstream fashion for Spring/Autumn/Winter 2009/2010. A sartorial prescience is permeating the ether as designers create new and exciting Gothic elements tailored for the needs and sensibilities of 21st century fashionistas. Might Goth be a harbinger of more refinement and new and inventive uses of colour? Moreover, will Goth become your favourite fashion friend in 2010? Peace and love to all people and animals.

Typical Goth dress items include capes, pikes, long coats and laced-up trousers. Unkind people say that some female Goths wear in public what most non-Goth females wouldn't wear in their bedroom with the curtains pulled shut. These independent-minded females often belong to the 'SadoMaso' branch of the Goth family tree.
Always remember: to a Goth black is not a colour - it's a statement.

I am a huge fan of the Goth and Zhivago style, with John Galliano and Alexander McQueen are my favourite designers who never let go the finery of the Goth or Zhivago style in their collections. They can go as eccentric as they want but we can always spot some elements of Goth and Zhivago in their design.
Gothic fashion is a clothing style worn by members of the Goth subculture a dark, sometimes morbid, eroticized fashion and style of dress.Typical Gothic fashion includes black dyed and crimped hair, bright lips and black clothes. Both male and female goths sometimes wear dark eyeliner and dark fingernails. Some haute couture designers, particularly Alexander McQueen and John Galliano, have been associated with the goth aesthetic.See more of Gothic definition here
I would like to share a few of my favourite Goth and Zhivago out of millions on the runways:

Left : Alexander McQueen Fall 2009 Right : John Galliano Menswear

Alexander McQueen Fall 2009
Doctor Zhivago (1965) created the "Russian Look"." Doctor Zhivago is based on the book of the same name by Boris Pasternak. The book was banned in the Soviet Union but became popular internationally. The film was released in 1965 and won several awards and is considered to be one of director David Lean’s three great epics. (The others were Lawrence of Arabia and Bridge on the River Kwai.) It even caused something of a fashion sensation with the “Zhivago look” sweeping across Europe and America.More description of Doctor Zhivago here

Alexander McQueen Fall 2009

Alexander McQueen Fall 2009

John Galliano Menswear

Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2009

Alexander McQueen Haute Couture Fall 2008

Alexander McQueen Haute Couture Fall 2008

Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall 2006

Gothic-Haute Couture look by Jean Louis Scherrer

A Gothic style tail coat

Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2008

A combination of Goth and Zhivago look by Thom Browne Autumn/Winter 2008/2009

Gothic umbrellas

Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter 2007/2008

A Goth look

My fave Goth look:Christian Dior Autumn/Winter 2007/2008

Jacket by Martine Et Bonal, dress by Louis Vuitton and boots by Pollini

Gil Bret Autumn/Winter 2009

Zhivago street styles

A scene from Doctor Zhivago film

Zhivago look by Chanel

Dr Zhivago styles from Marc Jacobs, Marni and Jill Stuart

Scenes from Dr Zhivago (1965)

Russian look by Oscar de la Renta

Above left and center: Fur hats from BYTE by Teso, Above right : Fur hat by Marc Jacobs

Russian look by Roberto Cavalli

Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2009

Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2009

Nina Ricci Fall 2009

Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2009

A Zhivago look with faux fur stole

A complete assemble of Zhivago look

Jackie Onassis wore a Zhivago style red suit by Oleg Cassini

Jackie O showed her Russian look with white trench coat

Russian look by Oscar de la Renta

Doctor Zhivago look illustration


Left : Alexander McQueen Menswear,Right :Thom Browne Autumn/Winter 2008/2009

My fave Zhivago with Russian look elements is the scene in Doctor Zhivago where Geraldine Chaplin looked angelic wearing white fur coat, wrap and hat; and also the Russian-inspired ensemble designed by Oscar de la Renta for Balmain in 2007. Apparently, the brocade-looking deluxe overskirt is only an illusion: it is entirely embroidered by hand and boasting a price tag of well over $100,000. Peasant blouse and silk underwear not included.

I admire how daring the individual that chose to don such a Zhivago fashion statement. I do admit that if I were in a 4 seasons country, I'd easily pair it with big furry boots and huge wool wrap, with ease...!
For those who are residing in a country with winter season, you are soo lucky as you could stretch your imagination and make a stylish statement with Zhivago styles. These Zhivago trend do 'turn heads' and are beyond a statement piece...they are a declaration that you LOVE to stand out in a crowd! Be sure to buy it from somewhere FUN and interesting...I guarantee you it's the first thing you'll be asked! And please, go faux!
I believe that every single mode of Goth and Zhivago can always be forever in fashion, they just have to be pulled out the right way to unveil the great splendor in their styles..;)

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