Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fashion Dos and Dont's for 2009

The following are some excerpt from which I think a good guidance for the 2009 look. But hey, we definitely can take some, leave some OR be our own trendsetter!!


1. Boots with shorts - It emphasizes your kneecaps,really!

2.White thights - I think it's only doing good in gym..

3.CROCS-It does look cute on kids! :):)

4.70's Caftan - Can't help, but it does give a relaxing feeling during bedtime..


1.Skinny Jeans tucked into Boots- it looks smart though!

2.Black tights with an LWD (Little White Dress) - I just luv it! So stylish !

3.Dangly Earrings - Suitable for almost any occasion!

4.Gladiator Sandals - Comfortable yet a stylish style inspired by Grecian, plus a bit taste of Goth!

5.60's Shift Dress - A taste of retro for 21st Century

There you go..wish you all a very Happy Trend-Setting!!

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