Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wish on our own Van Gogh

As I was browsing through I came across at this one of the greatest artists of all time in the 18th century, Vincent Van Gogh.

I did some research on him for my art assignment during my first year of degree in 1999. So sad to hear on his tragic life , most of his best-known works were produced in the final two years of his life, during which time he cut off part of his left ear following a breakdown in his friendship with another well known artist, Paul Gauguin. After this he suffered recurrent bouts of mental illness which led to his suicide at a way too young age of 37.

Each of his masterpiece was based on his own experiences, places that he went, and everything that made his sadness and happiness.

Some of his paintings that touched me a lot including Bridge across the Seine at Asnieres, Still Life: Vase with Twelve Sunflowers , the famous Starry Night and hundreds more.The values for his paintings were estimated millions each.

It makes me wonder..while we are appreciating other foreign artists' artworks, would we be able to have the same appreciation to our home artists? Would we have the sense not only to value the arts, but at least not to forget their existence?

Wish on our own Van Gogh someday...

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Art History is as important as any other subjects.