Thursday, September 25, 2008

What's your worth?

We seem to underestimate our own self or let someone underestimate us, as we realise or not, it reflects our own overall evaluation or appraisal of our own worth.

Let's put it this way - for example you have come with this statement; "I believe I am a good designer, and feel proud of that!" Easy to say, but hard admit the truth?

Whether it is a job, a relationship or a pair of shoes that we cannot afford (but hey, I think I deserve it!)--we have to know our worth.

Putting a price on your life! We seem to know our worth(sometimes!) in our careers and our friendships, but why do we sometimes forget our worth when it comes to relationships?

It seems that there will be people in our lives that we will fall for who will not completely see our worth, and in their self cherishing ways, will bruise our hearts....

Well as it is easy to say, we are likely to downgrade our self-worth to get attention,to get heard, to have praises or love, to get support, to gain others' approval, to challenge on physical attractiveness, to outdoing others in competition or academic, etc.

Know your worth, don't ever forget how unique you are; and if anyone makes you doubt your value or compromise yourself or your integrity, know that you do deserve more than that..

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