Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Batik Class ( 28/6/08)

Although batik art can look very intricate, the tools used to make batik clothes are still very simple.

To begin work the batik we have to hold the canting in the hot wax for a little while to heat it up.

Fill it appropriately, takes it out the wax, wipes the excess from the outside of the copper bowl and usually blows on the tip of the spout to remove any excess wax. Then, everything must happen quickly and precisely when applying the wax to the cloth. Any hesitation may result in a blob of wax and spoil the work (like what I did!).

The main elements of the design are usually penciled onto the fabric, but many of the details are added freehand.

Once applied the wax cools down rapidly. After a minute or so we must dip the canting in the wax and begin again.

The process takes a great deal of patience and concentration.

It is worth while when you see the fantastic results!!

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