Saturday, November 5, 2011

Falling rain brings back memories

Rain can be so calming, so relaxing, so cleansing and bring memories such as our childhood. Try to look at the dark of the sky, when we see everything looking so green, when we smell the earth as the falling water, as we feel cool air rose and cooling the ground, and cooling the hot day, it does calming us down, we feel so peaceful, so fresh, so cool and so revitalizing. 

As we close our eyes and listen to the sound of the falling rain, feeling the rain falling down on the leaves, no other sounds except the rain, splashing, as we closed our eyes and we breath deeply and we feel the fresh of the nature. Some of us just stay home, curl up and be lazy, as rain could just be an excuse to just stay home for comfort and retreat ourselves while taking  deep breath and blow it out. We can appreciate the rain more rather than singing; rain, rain go away:) We just embrace the rain, for soothing and relaxing feeling.

Rain makes you remember when you were small and about your old friends .That was a beautiful moment and you can not have it again.

We as kids love playing in the rain. We love the way it feels as it falls down our faces, and to some of us it always means that our playmates would be out and our adventures are about to start again. 

It is so sad that most children today are denied of these childhood experiences. I could imagine that our future generations talk about rain and they cannot reminisce their memories during rain a few years from now and he or she would probably say that rainfalls are not that clean anymore and they sting.
It really made me think about how beautiful our nature was back then.

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