Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Who owns batik?

Arguments between countries nowadays are not only over substance on boundaries, islands, etc.

One of the most influential matter for any citizen of any countries would be the debate over artistic heritage. I am peeling off this sensitive issue as Malaysia and Indonesia are still having controversies when it comes to one of the greatest art- Batik.

Honestly, until now I really have no idea on which country is actually owns the origin of Batik. Mainly, neighbours Malaysia and Indonesia have claimed that batik was originally came from this country. We acknowledged that both countries have always worn batik as their official attire and both have active batik industries mainly in batik lukis and batik sarung.

Well, it may become as sibling rivalry over a piece of fabric. Perhaps if any solution could not be done, this debate will continue forever and confusion arisen not only between foreign tourists but also towards the next generation.

But hey, if any good must come out of this issue, that not any piece of cloth is worth fighting over; we are speaking up on Batik!

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