Monday, November 17, 2008

Memoir of Piala Seri Endon 2008

As those lovers in fashion and batik industry acknowledged; the result for 12 finalist of the Piala Seri Endon Grand Final 2008 has been announced yesterday evening.

during the coloring process

Quite (very) frustrating for me as my name was not on the list, nevertheless there were a lot of corollaries given by Piala Seri Endon for my first attempt in the semi final.

I have learnt a lot in these extremely challenging 3 months period where I found the greatest sacrifaction and hard work came out from my inner body and soul. During these moment where I found new friends (and foes too), positive and negative senses of courages, loyalty, sincerity, supportive, honesty, faith, trustworthy, happiness, sadness,hatred..and so on.

while waiting for the color to dry

I would prefer to relate the lost of the US Presidential election candidate John Mc Cain to Barack Obama where McCain quoted after the final result came out-"I wake up at 2am and cry". Well, it is very hard to accept what has fated but do not absorb the negative feelings into our minds till you cannot move on at all.

I cannot deny--I had enjoyed though during these tremendous phase-lots of friends, fans :),best opportunities rolling over,enhancement of my fashion and batik knowledge, and also on how to manage my time very well where I was juggling with 3 jobs (Piala Seri Endon, my online shop and office tasks) at the same time!!

my design - formal womenswear

It was not that bad I guess..nevertheless, Piala Seri endon has waken up my inner fashion passion that was buried inside for quite a long time --I've made it to the semi final even I have left the fashion scene for more than five years since I've graduated in 2003.

my design -formal menswear

Thanks to my entire family and to my truthful friends who have never giving up on supporting me to be passionate on what I adore to do. Definitely I will not be on the semi final stage wihout your endless support.

a model fitting for menswear

Whatever happened to me was overwhelming, Piala Seri Endon has proved that I'm still eligible to stand on the fashion stage once again and its spirit somewhat has whispered to me that " U cannot stop here, move on !!!" and so I did.

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