Sunday, January 29, 2012

Beauty tips: Sugar Scrub

Sugar is cheap and easy to find (in your kitchen) and works great on skin. There's no way to beat the price as any combination of sugar will never cost as much as the cheapest stuff for an amazing and cheap body scrub.  

Personally I would recommend only using this once or twice a week, otherwise you could over exfoliate and dry out your skin if you have a sensitive type of skin.

Yes sugar ruins your teeth but it does miracles on your skin. It is not advisable to be used on face (way to harsh), but perfect for body and feet. Everyone should give the sugar scrub a shot because it is so cheap and readily available. Even for those who have the most dry and sensitive skin,regular scrubs might irritate their skin.  

You can use regular white sugar that you can purchase from the grocery store to make a terrific scrub. It is quite rough at first, so it polishes well.  

Here's how to use it: wet hands and parts to be exfoliated-for now let's say elbow/body. Wet elbow/body with tepid or cool water, pour handful of sugar into hands (if you like, add your daily bath liquid to make a smooth paste). Wet it a tiny bit so it clumps then start to apply it to your elbow in circular motions. Then rinse with cool water, or even warm now. The only reason for not using warm water to start is that it will make the sugar melt before you can apply it. The result is glowy polished skin. Then just do whatever you do normally to your body next--dry it off, apply moisturiser, etc.  

This also works wonders for dry or itchy hands, just apply a good hand lotion after. Again, it is a rough, polishing scrub so it would probably be best to try it on your hands or feet first if you are not sure about putting it on your body. Use maybe once or twice a week, whatever works personally. Good luck - it's a great money saver and as simple as ABC, affordable or downright cheap and you probably have the sugar already somewhere in your kitchen cabinets.

In short a homemade sugar scrub will leave your skin looking and feeling soft, radiant, rejuvenated, and silky smooth…well younger actually:)

But most important, all this with 1 simple sweet natural ingredient; no unnatural or harmful chemicals, no vague ingredients, no designerprice tag..:)

P/s:just make sure to wash thoroughly to prevent ants:)

Note: You could also try this with Extra Virgin Olive oil and honey. It will soothe and moisturise your skin on top of the exfoliating sugar.

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