Friday, June 12, 2009

An art beyond words:The National Anthem

Being a music lover all this while, this issue has always puzzled me.

Thanks to this brilliant view 'If music be the food of patriotism' that I have read in The Sun newspaper today which has given me the guts to comment on it as it is one of my favourite interest which is the music itself.

An anthem usually acting as a symbol for a distinct group of people, as in the term "national anthem" or "sports anthem". The word "anthem" is commonly used to describe a celebratory song or composition for a distinct group, as in the term "national anthem". The term "anthemic" is a modern word coined to describe music with an emotive connotation to it. (excerpted from Wikipedia)

I really do think that a national anthem has deep intentions to give inner strength to its citizen’s soul and feed aspiration for the spirit to any country.

We may adapt the anthem from any version and yes, it is still okay to change the melody depends on situation whether to enhance the repertoire or to beautify its melody. Though, I do wish that it's not because of the trend influence or changes of certain government.Also, please make the official announcement across the nation so that the citizens are aware of the changes. Not too worry , the citizens' ears are all alert and our hearts are open for positive revolution.

I am still in doubt whether the goal of this anthem melody changing was to determine if the selected musical mode elicits an emotional response, and if so what type of emotional response. Whether we listened to any compositions (major, minor, mixed modes or instrumental noise) and set so-called a standardized mood inventory after each. I guess the results from any altered composition are to indicate what emotional responses are affected by the selected musical mode? What outcome that the decision maker actually prefers? The positive response, negative response or the mixed and extreme emotional responses? Or is it depends on the decision makers’ mood swings and current taste?

As a result, this will leave the respective citizens a major confusion in case the country has several events going on around the globe at the same time.For instance; sports occasions, worship celebrations, prize giving ceremonies or even during school assembly which will ended up to various versions of national anthem at the same time?

Based on my experience when choosing the right anthem version during a university’s graduation ceremony two years back, I was very certain to play the national anthem of England-God Save the Queen rather than our own Negaraku. Luckily on the very last minute I managed to pull out the correct version of Negaraku that I found from the official government website. No surprise, the version has been changed again within less than a year. From marching version to softer version of piano instrumental and back to marching again with a little traditional flavour here and there and what’s next...only God knows.

Nevertheless, despite the rapid changes of the national anthem melody, I do hope that the meaningful lyrics will remain the same as to me they have the significant role as an art to beautify the national anthem itself.

English translation

My country, the land where my blood is shed,The people live united and progressive,Blessings of happiness, may God grant,(And that) our King may reign in peace.Blessings of happiness, may God grant,(And that) our King may reign in peace.


Anonymous said...

Hi ! Thanks for coming by.
How are you ? Any more competitions this year ? Preparing some subjects/elements for Superimposed tutorials soon - would let you know.

I like the new version of The National Anthem - simple and fast.
I do play the guitar and like to do a much slower version of the National Anthem ; ie. clearer lyrics from light strummings.

Take Care.

Stylish Goddess said...

Thanks. I'll just take a break for this year's competition due to commitments with new projects.

I do like slower version with some mixture of marching version at the bridge section..:)

Anonymous said...

The superimposed tutorial is ready today. I hope the explanation is easy to understand. The Basic are transform, merging, inverts and changing hues.

Happy Photoshopping !

Stylish Goddess said...