Sunday, March 15, 2009

Akademi Fantasia 7's Transformation (Transformasi Akademi Fantasia 7)

I believe most of Akademi Fantasia (AF) lovers watched this NO 1 reality show in Malaysia during last night's first concert.

For those outside Malaysia and Brunei who wondering what AF is...

Akademi Fantasia (commonly abbreviated as AF) is Malaysia's first reality television show in which a number of contestants called students compete for the winning title and a chance to start their career in the entertainment industry.

The first season premiered in June 2003 and was one of Astro Ria's highest rated show.

The format of the show is taken from "La Academia", which originated in Mexico. Malaysia is the first country in Southeast Asia to have its own version of this show. Subsequently, it has also been followed by Indonesia and Thailand, which garners positive response in comparison to the Idol series. See Wikipedia for more info on AF.

AF already came to session seven and it means that AF is seven years old now. In previous six sessions, AF has produced good quality artists and it had give new challenge and hope for Malaysian music industry.

History in the making for AF 7, Tiara Jacquelina is the first ever women principal of Akademi Fantasia. Previous principals of Akademi Fantasia were Freddie Fernandez, Ramli MS, M Nasir, Ramli Sarip dan Roslan Aziz. Previously Tiara Jacquelina has told that she will bring “transformation” in Akademi Fantasia .

I know most of AF fans were not agree with last night's transformation. Some of the obvious transformation would be the stage which was smaller than the previous season's,seating arrangement of the students, additional space for standing fans on the left and right side of the new stage,no more tag lines,no introduction dramas, and also no extra dances sessions and the most noticeable change would be the missing of the theme song "Menuju Puncak" which was always performed during the end of every concert.

In my opinion, I prefer this kind of transformation. This concept is more simpler, no need to mess up with other unnecessary things; just concentrate to students' singing and performance like another my favorite reality show, American Idol.

It is still quite early to predict what would happened next in this Akademi Fantasia session and what more of transformation will be done as they would have at least another 9 concerts to go..

Whatever it is, all the best to Akademi Fantasia and its principal, Tiara Jacquelina. Wish for the best AF's season ever!

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