Friday, December 5, 2008

Edmund Leighton...The Medieval Fantasy

Edmund Leighton...while he painted some modern scenes, he is best known for his romantic, medieval paintings. These usually focus on young knights in armor, and young maidens with long, flowing hair and beautifully textured dresses. He did extremely well at capturing the nuances of fabric and hair.

Some of Edmund Leighton's arts which have adored me..keeping most of the hidden secrets through his paintings...

Stitching the Standard

Lady in a Garden

The King and the Beggar Maid

Collages of Edmund Leighton's artwork

"The artist selects as a rule themes which offer an excuse for old-world costume, and an easily read anecdote. To place Mr E Blair Leighton's work in a class to which it makes no pretence to belong, or to contrast it with the masterpieces of the past, or even of the present, would be to do it an injustice. It is the pictorial equivalent of light literature, of belles letters, of graceful novels and vers de societe, of much that is charming of its kind, if by its very nature ephemeral." Gleeson White, 1897.

This is a very insightful observation about the work of Edmund Blair Leighton, which has always hit me as being like stylishly crafted light music.

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